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Teaching Portfolio

Graduate Classes:

The Philosophy of Language: Semantics and Meta-Semantics, Spring 2014, Tulane University
The Limits of Introspection: Empirical Issues, Fall 2014, Tulane University
Desire, Motivation and Value, Spring 2014, Tulane University
Topics in Philosophy of Mind, Fall 2013, Tulane University
Foundations Seminar in Philosophy of Mind, Southern Autumn 2013, ANU

Undergraduate Classes:

Logic, Spring 2011, NYU
Logic, Fall 2010, NYU
Intro to Philosophy, Summer 2010, NYU
Metaphysics, Spring 2010, NYU
Central Problems in Philosophy, Fall 2009, NYU
Minds and Machines, Summer 2009, NYU
Philosophy of Mind, Summer 2008, NYU
Philosophy of Mind, Summer 2007, NYU

Teaching Assistant for:

History of Modern Philosophy, Don Garrett, Spring 2009, NYU
Metaphysics, Peter Unger, Spring 2007, NYU
History of Ancient Philosophy, Matt Evans/Philip Mitsis, Fall 2006, NYU
Philosophy of Science, Jill North, Spring 2006, NYU
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